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Does your copy need sprucing up? Are you lost about what step to take next? I’m here to help! As a writer, editor and communications consultant, my approach is simple: assess your overarching goal and audience, review your structure and story,  and create unison between the two. Through a hands-on approach, we work together to create copy, pieces and pitches that are clear, concise and engaging. So, let’s get started!

Testimonials & Past clients



Here are just a few past projects I’ve done. Click on each image below to read more.

  • Marketing plans

    I love strategy and bringing ideas, projects, events and campaigns to life. Along those lines, I developed non-profit Reconciliation Canada‘s social media marketing plan, prior to its walk for reconciliation in September 2013 with over 70,000 participants and the keynote speech by Dr. Bernice King, daughter of Dr. Luther King Jr. I also contributed to […]

  • My Writing

    I co-authored the cookbook From the Olive Grove: Mediterranean Cooking with Olive Oil (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2010) with my mother. The book consists of Greek family recipes—all made with olive oil—and 13 dishes by top chefs across Canada. We’ve sold over 3000 copies and received great reviews. I’m also working on two children’s book titles: Ocean Blue and A Tale of […]

  • Personal statements

    I edit personal statements for graduate students and those applying to medical clinic and hospital residency programs. I love this work. It’s all about story and structure, and often told  in less than a page. My approach is hands-on and begins with brainstorming and gathering content. Once I have a sense of the writer’s style, work history and […]

  • Presentations

    I present on various topics related to marketing, entrepreneurship, writing and mentorship. I am passionate about connection and community, and thoroughly enjoy working with a diversity of voices and clients. Past talks include: Social media marketing, YWCA Metro Vancouver Social media and enterprise marketing, Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver ReStore management team Organic food marketing, Fraser Valley […]

  • Print & Online Copy

    I write and edit for all media, print and online. I thrive on the process, because it’s never just a website or a brochure—it’s a piece with a soul and an audience, and one that requires as much thought and creativity as any other detail or project. Writing is all about style, but even more, delivers the […]

  • Report writing

    For seven years, I was a research consultant within the (formerly known as) Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. I produced reports for archive collections and court hearings on abuse claims pertaining to former Indian Residential Schools in Western Canada. Despite the heaviness of the subject matter, the work was soul-changing. I had the […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why should I hire an editor, writer or communications consultant?

Here's my take. Not everyone is an editor (or a writer for that matter), but we are all thinkers. An editor is skilled at taking language and tailoring it to an audience. That means, removing jargon, poorly crafted copy, and sounds good but huh sentences. An editor catches inconsistencies and problematic structure to strengthen your piece. A writer, gives it life. If you're working in-house, a consult might work well for you. As a team, learn best practices that will improve your messaging online and in print. Ultimately, it's about working together to make your voice clear (yes, I love plain language), concise and engaging. Sounds great but why hire an extra hand? You need an expert opinion, you're lost in terms of direction or structure, you want to improve the flow, your life counts on it. Whatever the reason may be, working with an editor, writer or consultant can give you insight and help you take your writing or concept to the next level.

Question: When should an editor, writer or consultant come into the picture?

This really depends on you and your project. Some writers love feedback and structure, and bring editors or consultants into the mix from the get go. Others would rather flush out their ideas, produce several drafts and have an editor tweak rather than iterate. Editors are invaluable additions at any stage of the game. Whereas, a writer or communication consultant should come join the team early on at the ideation stage. That way, through dialogue and engagement, we can create succinct action plans from the ground up, produce final outputs, or collaboratively strategize over the short and long term without too much backtracking.

Question: What should I expect from an editor and communications consultant?

Editing, writing, creating concepts and's a collaborative process. So what should you expect? Dialogue, clear communication (and expectations), professionalism (deadlines!) and a few questions. Once we've established style, voice and scope, it's an exchange of ideas until, together, we strike gold. That not to say it's a time-consuming grueling experience. Not at all. Input is a definite from both ends, otherwise it's imposed ideas and strategic thinking. I see it more as a shared investment with a fabulous end product!

Question: What's the difference between proofreading and editing?

Proofreading is typically done at the final stages. It's a once over to ensure there are no spelling, reference or blatant errors. Simply put, you're proofing your proof before it goes to print. This is not the time for big changes. While editing is a more vast beast. It looks at grammar, word choice and sentence structure (copyediting), as well as story and flow (substantive editing). It involves a more thorough exploration of your text or manuscript and considers voice, tone, style and consistency.

Question: Copyediting versus substantive editing. What's the difference?

Tons. Copyediting includes editing for grammar, spelling and punctuation. It looks at consistency in style and facts, as well as language (Canadian versus American spelling), citations, captions and credit lines. Anything copy-oriented. While substantive (or structural) editing is all about content and structure, reorganizing and shuffling ideas or wording to create better flow. Looking at story and whether the message is hitting home. The two aren't necessarily islands and sometimes intertwine, depending on the work at hand. 

Visit the Editors Canada for more on editing terminology.

Question: What do you edit and write?

Everything. While I'm a generalist, I have extensive experience in creative, marketing, report and legal writing. I edit and write to your brand, tone and voice. My portfolio includes: print/online copy, ad copy, cover letters, CVs, sponsorship packages, EPKs, proposals, media releases, reports, manuscripts, artistic/personal statements and more. Anything you write, I can edit. And vice versa.

Question: Who are your clients?

Everyone. Well, maybe not everyone, but I have a wide range of clients. I've work with small to medium-sized businesses, non-profits, advertising agencies, consulting firms, industry professionals, magazines, fellow writers and editors, artists, graduate students and more.

Question: What falls under ideation and strategy?

Lots. Ideation and strategy is a collaborative process. And can be many things, depending on your end goal. Whether you're an individual or an organization, it can include engagement and dialogue to flush out concepts and best practices. Or brainstorming and feedback sessions. Or nut and bolts strategy and action plans. More than anything, its tailored investigation into practical steps to improve your communication messaging and reach your final destination solo or as a team. In some ways, ideation and strategy is a meld of my editing, writing and mentorship services. Think of it as project management meets communication coaching.

Question: What does mentorship entail?

Well, it's different for everyone. But on a basic level, through dialogue, brainstorming and strategy, together we get you where you want to go. Mentorship includes one on one coaching, email catch-ups and one edit (up to 3 pages long). Consider it a journey to your next destination. I charge monthly rates but can also customize packages.

Question: Do you offer free consultations?

Yes. Send me a message outlining your project, deadline and the services needed, and I can provide you with an estimate and options going forward.

Question: What are your turnaround times?

This really depends on my present workload and what you want. That said, I never miss a deadline! Email me and we can discuss how I can help.

Question: What are your rates for editing, writing & ideation?

My rates vary per service and project, and are based on scope of work, skills required, final deliverables and deadline. I offer fixed and hourly rates but can adjust pricing to work within your budget. Please email me for a tailored quote

Question: How much do you charge for personal statements?

I charge $200 per statement. This rate includes a consultation, Q&A and a two-round edit.

Question: How much do you charge for mentorship?

I offer monthly rates, starting at $150. Packages are customizable and typically include in-person meetings, weekly email check-ins and edits (up to 3 pages). For more information, shoot me an email.