Since this autumn, my passion for environmental causes has grown. Exponentially. To think only a few months ago concepts like sustainability, going green, even recycling quite frankly didn’t resonate with me. Political ploys. Or so I thought. And yet, I write this with a new sense of understanding and care.

Serendipity would change all that. In my email inbox in October was an invite to join the inaugural Master Recycler Vancouver program—an eight-week long course teaching local residents on waste reduction, recycling and composting. Here I thought potential for our tiny house project. And yet, I leave the classroom a couple months later with a new zest for our earth and its conservation. I even joined the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation‘s zero waste committee. Now, now, I get it. Transformation. Nutty making. Sure. But knowledge comes our way when we are open to accept it. Fast forward to winter 2016 and along a few fellow waste conspirators, we’re founding Talkin’ Trash, a radio show on waste and its many complexities with Co-op Radio. Nothing radical or in your face but a program providing thought-provoking conversations on trash, the business behind it, ways to work within the system, how waste and artistry can and do co-exist, and the impact behaviour change has on creating resilient and sustainable communities. An amazing platform to dig deep into our waste bin systems and production slash consumer habits. Dirty stuff most definitely.But one with a wide and captive audience. Can’t wait!

Stay tuned. Hoping to launch in early spring. Interested to join us on the air? Email me. Collaboration is the key to success, and we’re after diverse and dedicated voices. Thanks for tuning in!